It's a new year. Or it was ten days ago. I'm very thankful that I was able to escape out of the city with Erin for a couple days. A staple in the Vancouver community the Gerths were nice enough to put us up at their place near Pemberton for a nice break away from work, bikes and pretty much everything. Doing hikes, sliding around on frozen lakes, chopping wood and simmering chilli among a bunch of rad people is hopefully an omen to how this year is going to pan out. 

On the side of getting back to reality and riding bikes in Vancouver, as I alluded to in my last post I'm back riding and even racing at the track. It's just the local Friday night stuff for racing, but man it feels good it ride a bike with some purpose. You spend the winter trusting your coach when he tells you to stick to the trainer all the time (over getting sick, riding in dangerous conditions) but doing a bike race and feeling fast and performing well is palpable reassurance that he's telling you the right things, the workouts are doing their job. And it's fun to feel in control of a fast, actually moving bicycle. I actually just came back in from a workout in the TT bars and now I'm pretty damn messed up feeling, that messed up feeling that actually feels good, but also you feel totally useless. Like, for writing blogs, or thinking.

My other struggle this winter is trying to find out how to keep pushing myself on the creative front. I'm pretty glad that I took out my Bronica 6x6 camera and up to the mountains with me over New Years, I'm pretty keen to finish the last couple shots on two rolls and see how they look. But I'm looking forward to getting together with Ross next week to photograph this awesome looking thing when it's built up, the thing with picking up the 6x6 is that I'm motivated to look through that thing more. Already brainstorming a couple of ideas that hopefully will unfold in the next couple of months before racing starts.

To have one photo of something to do with the racing bikes, I'll just leave this face of Amiel, finishing out his last workout in the same study I participated. I'm really leaving this picture here because he looks so hilariously cracked, which I'm pretty responsible for, I pretty much yelled at him just enough to make him almost want to throw up after holding this face through like 35 minutes straight.